TRASH is an independent music label and film production company - "run by women. for everyone." From emerging creatives to industry professionals, we’re here to bring voices and visions together and celebrate every single one of them. 


Music, film, and art. Why can’t these bridge the inequality that so many of us face? Hurdling the obstacles that can come with the industry is hugely important to us, especially with regards to mental health and the inequality that women face. Times are changing, people are changing. So why should mindsets be any different? New information can challenge what constitutes our belief system. So we’ve got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order for all of us to grow.


TRASH aims to showcase all the talent that goes unnoticed. The ideas of our community will always be treasured. We embrace individuality and welcome fresh, new perspectives. No one can do it like you do. So we want to get to know you! Our platform is somewhere to meet, share, and learn from others through creativity. We’re all used to holding our own and taking care of ourselves. But things need to change - and at TRASH, we’re all in it together. 


Keep your eyes peeled for our podcast series, TRASH TALK, where we invite industry professionals to talk about topics relevant to their work and the experiences they’ve had in an open, honest, and supportive setting. We hope that these conversations will be recycled and shared, and inspire other individuals to share their stories from their own creative journey.


TRASH is for everyone, everywhere. Messing up the lawn. Going against the grain. Tearing up the rulebook. We welcome you with open arms and outfits on point. And to those just visiting: don’t forget to pick up the litter. It glitters gold round here. 


TRASH was founded by Hattie Jackson and Indira May from a desire to promote open conversation and bring creative voices together through music, film, and art. As creatives themselves with experience of the industry and the obstacles it can present, the need for an inclusive platform that educates and celebrates individuality is something held close to their hearts.


Both residing in London, Hattie is a trained actress and producer whose confidence has bloomed alongside her 5 years of experience on film sets ranging from Netflix features to music videos – behind and in front of the camera. Hattie will infuse this into her TRASH projects, producing documentaries, short films and music videos.


Indira is a singer-songwriter whose captivating melange of Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop has tipped her as one to watch this year. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of musical legends, Indira’s upcoming releases are set to be an assured snapshot of her distinctly creative outlook.


Hattie and Indira are co-directors of TRASH, both with projects to be released respectively through the label across the year. However, first and foremost, TRASH is a community. The work and art of its collaborators very much takes centre stage, giving the exposure and support needed to continue creating and colouring the world.


Different ideas, perspectives, and talents: they’re all welcomed and treasured at TRASH.

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